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California NAVLE Scores | Fall 2013


NAV145411 Fail
NAV146293 Pass
NAV154187 Fail
NAV154954 Pass
NAV155005 Fail
NAV158010 Fail
NAV158425 Fail
NAV158531 Pass
NAV159425 Pass
NAV159562 Pass
NAV159966 Pass
NAV160137 Pass
NAV160446 Fail
NAV160730 Fail
NAV161812 Pass
NAV162038 Pass
NAV162486 Fail
NAV162682 Fail
NAV162744 Pass
NAV162780 Pass
NAV163205 Pass
NAV163556 Fail
NAV163560 Pass
NAV163662 Pass
NAV163672 Pass
NAV163691 Pass
NAV163696 Pass
NAV163701 Pass
NAV163702 Pass
NAV163703 Pass
NAV163763 Pass
NAV163771 Pass
NAV163775 Pass
NAV163778 Pass
NAV163780 Pass
NAV163782 Pass
NAV163785 Pass
NAV163791 Pass
NAV163812 Pass
NAV163816 Pass
NAV163818 Pass
NAV163838 Pass
NAV163871 Pass
NAV163882 Pass
NAV163886 Pass
NAV163888 Fail
NAV163893 Pass
NAV163918 Pass
NAV163919 Pass
NAV163931 Pass
NAV163932 Pass
NAV163933 Pass
NAV163951 Pass
NAV163953 Pass
NAV163955 Pass
NAV163956 Pass
NAV163963 Pass
NAV163985 Pass
NAV163988 Pass
NAV164004 Pass
NAV164055 Pass
NAV164057 Pass
NAV164070 Pass
NAV164072 Pass
NAV164075 Pass
NAV164106 Pass
NAV164115 Pass
NAV164137 Pass
NAV164147 Pass
NAV164229 Pass
NAV164233 Pass
NAV164237 Pass
NAV164275 Pass
NAV164286 Pass
NAV164289 Pass
NAV164307 Pass
NAV164318 Pass
NAV164319 Pass
NAV164360 Pass
NAV164361 Pass
NAV164378 Pass
NAV164384 Pass
NAV164386 Pass
NAV164440 Pass
NAV164446 Pass
NAV164527 Pass
NAV164552 Pass
NAV164585 Pass
NAV164619 Pass
NAV164622 Fail
NAV164624 Pass
NAV164635 Pass
NAV164680 Pass
NAV164694 Pass
NAV164730 Pass
NAV164738 Pass
NAV164784 Pass
NAV164821 Pass
NAV164823 Pass
NAV164825 Pass
NAV164835 Pass
NAV164836 Pass
NAV164865 Pass
NAV164890 Pass
NAV164897 Pass
NAV164921 Pass
NAV164925 Pass
NAV164928 Pass
NAV164943 Pass
NAV164952 Pass
NAV164961 Pass
NAV164978 Pass
NAV164985 Pass
NAV164986 Pass
NAV165001 Pass
NAV165028 Pass
NAV165040 Pass
NAV165044 Pass
NAV165050 Pass
NAV165053 Pass
NAV165056 Pass
NAV165057 Pass
NAV165059 Pass
NAV165078 Pass
NAV165080 Pass
NAV165081 Pass
NAV165092 Pass
NAV165115 Pass
NAV165133 Pass
NAV165140 Pass
NAV165150 Pass
NAV165155 Pass
NAV165193 Pass
NAV165198 Pass
NAV165208 Pass
NAV165220 Pass
NAV165221 Pass
NAV165225 Pass
NAV165247 Pass
NAV165269 Fail
NAV165282 Pass
NAV165283 Pass
NAV165307 Pass
NAV165309 Pass
NAV165311 Pass
NAV165320 Fail
NAV165336 Pass
NAV165342 Pass
NAV165357 Pass
NAV165359 Pass
NAV165395 Pass
NAV165413 Pass
NAV165418 Fail
NAV165427 Pass
NAV165429 Fail
NAV165462 Pass
NAV165465 Pass
NAV165473 Pass
NAV165474 Fail
NAV165480 Pass
NAV165481 Pass
NAV165485 Pass
NAV165489 Pass
NAV165503 Pass
NAV165505 Pass
NAV165520 Pass
NAV165527 Pass
NAV165530 Pass
NAV165531 Fail
NAV165532 Pass
NAV165542 Fail
NAV165550 Pass
NAV165551 Pass
NAV165552 Pass
NAV165553 Pass
NAV165555 Fail
NAV165559 Pass
NAV165576 Pass
NAV165578 Pass
NAV165583 Pass
NAV165592 Fail
NAV165595 Pass
NAV165600 Pass
NAV165609 Pass
NAV165616 Pass
NAV165620 Fail
NAV165640 Pass
NAV165651 Pass
NAV165653 Pass
NAV165655 Pass
NAV165656 Pass
NAV165658 Pass
NAV165664 Pass
NAV165671 Pass
NAV165676 Pass
NAV165677 Pass
NAV165691 Pass
NAV165694 Pass
NAV165698 Pass
NAV165709 Pass
NAV165716 Pass
NAV165718 Pass
NAV165729 Pass
NAV165739 Pass
NAV165752 Pass
NAV165755 Pass
NAV165761 Pass
NAV165781 Pass
NAV165784 Pass
NAV165787 Fail
NAV165790 Pass
NAV165837 Pass
NAV165845 Pass
NAV165894 Pass
NAV165902 Pass
NAV165915 Pass
NAV165923 Pass
NAV165964 Pass
NAV165973 Pass
NAV165978 Pass
NAV165987 Pass
NAV165998 Pass
NAV166029 Pass
NAV166033 Pass
NAV166049 Pass
NAV166098 Pass
NAV166100 Pass
NAV166102 Pass
NAV166107 Fail
NAV166112 Pass
NAV166120 Pass
NAV166128 Fail
NAV166166 Pass
NAV166169 Pass
NAV166180 Pass
NAV166184 Pass
NAV166193 Pass
NAV166205 Pass
NAV166209 Pass
NAV166211 Pass
NAV166212 Pass
NAV166214 Pass
NAV166216 Pass
NAV166218 Pass
NAV166242 Pass
NAV166256 Pass
NAV166287 Pass
NAV166292 Pass
NAV166295 Fail
NAV166298 Pass
NAV166305 Pass
NAV166309 Pass
NAV166314 Pass
NAV166318 Pass
NAV166334 Pass
NAV166364 Pass
NAV166385 Pass
NAV166386 Pass
NAV166388 Pass
NAV166413 Pass
NAV166418 Pass
NAV166436 Fail
NAV166438 Fail
NAV166460 Pass
NAV166472 Fail
NAV166482 Pass
NAV166484 Pass
NAV166494 Fail
NAV166516 Pass
NAV166529 Pass
NAV166531 Pass
NAV166537 Pass
NAV166545 Pass
NAV166562 Pass
NAV166591 Fail
NAV166600 Pass
NAV166609 Fail
NAV166615 Pass
NAV166625 Pass
NAV166632 Pass
NAV166649 Fail
NAV166680 Pass
NAV166689 Fail
NAV166694 Pass
NAV166743 Pass
NAV166748 Pass
NAV166756 Pass
NAV166757 Pass
NAV166763 Pass
NAV166771 Pass
NAV166778 Pass
NAV166785 Pass
NAV166815 Fail
NAV166843 Pass
NAV166846 Fail
NAV166872 Pass
NAV166883 Pass
NAV166897 Pass
NAV166898 Pass
NAV166906 Fail
NAV166914 Pass
NAV166928 Pass
NAV166941 Fail
NAV166942 Pass
NAV166957 Fail
NAV166966 Pass
NAV166987 Pass
NAV166990 Pass
NAV166995 Pass
NAV167002 Pass
NAV167011 Fail
NAV167014 Pass
NAV167015 Pass
NAV167016 Pass
NAV167021 Pass
NAV167046 Pass
NAV167050 Pass
NAV167051 Fail
NAV167056 Pass
NAV167061 Pass
NAV167062 Pass
NAV167080 Fail
NAV167082 Fail
NAV167085 Pass
NAV167098 Pass
NAV167101 Pass
NAV167118 Fail
NAV167139 Pass
NAV167146 Fail
NAV167150 Pass
NAV167151 Fail
NAV167152 Pass
NAV167154 Fail
NAV167158 Fail
NAV167159 Fail
NAV167163 Pass
NAV167203 Pass
NAV167204 Pass
NAV167212 Fail
NAV167214 Pass
NAV167229 Fail
NAV167234 Pass


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