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VTNE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Application for the VTNE

How much does it cost to take the exam? 
The VTNE candidate fee is $315.00 (paid in U.S. dollars).  This fee includes the “seat fee” for the PSI Testing Center.  This fee is payable by Discover, Mastercard, VISA or American Express when a candidate submits their online application.

When is the VTNE given?
Each year, the VTNE is given in three windows which are about a month long.  Applications to take the VTNE are accepted all the time.  However, there are deadlines for each examination window. 

VTNE Examination Windows VTNE
Online Application, Special Accomodations Application, Document, & Refund Deadline
Retake Requests
Documents & VTNE Online Application Deadline *
(only if over 5 attempts)
Deadlines for State/Provincial Credential Application
March 15 -
April 15
February 15 January 1 May be earlier than AAVSB if state reviews eligibility. See the Board and Agency Directory for contact information.
July 15 -
August 15
June 15 May 1
November 15 - December 15 October 15 September 1

* These states all have more stringent retake requirements: All Canadian provinces, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee, and Oklahoma.

Please contact your state or provincial board for more information.


Examinations Windows = the dates when you can schedule a time to take the VTNE

Application, Document, and Refund Deadlines = these are the last days to apply for the exam, request a refund, and to have required documents to the AAVSB.

State/Provincial Deadlines = each state and province has different deadlines for its own applications and exams. Check with your state or province for these deadlines.

Why is the deadline for my state (or province) different from the deadline for the AAVSB? 
Regulatory Boards vary in the number of applications they receive and the type of information they require from VTNE candidates. Their deadlines are designed to allow them time to collate the information and communicate eligibility to the AAVSB in time for candidates to receive their Eligibility Email.

Application Process

What is the application process?
To take the VTNE, you must apply and pay for the exam and you must apply for eligibility to take the exam. 

How do I apply?
For the VTNE application and additional application information, click here.

I just set up my account.  When I tried to log-in, I received an error message.  Why?
Please be aware that you will not be able to access your account until your application has been processed. Applications are typically processed in 2-to-3 business days. If, after that time period, you attempt to log-in and encounter problems, please contact or call us at 1-877-698-8482.

Are late applications accepted?
No late applications will be accepted.  

Why do candidates have to apply for eligibility? 
The VTNE is a high stakes exam used by licensure and certification entities as one component in determining eligibility for credentialing of individuals.  Therefore the exam requires a high level of security and confidentiality and determining eligibility to take the VTNE is one component of assuring this security.

Eligibility for the VTNE

What is Candidate ID?
This ID number is provided on your Eligibility Email from PSI, with further instructions. After your application and eligibility have been processed and approved, this letter is generated and sent to your email.

Can I take the VTNE if I have only On-the-Job Training (OJT)?
To be sure of current requirements, use the Board and Agency Directory for contact information for your state or province.  Some of the remaining states allowing On-the-Job Training (OJT) and alternate pathway states include Alaska, California, and Wisconsin.

Can I take the VTNE if:
a) I have a degree in a related field, such as biology?
b) I am a foreign educated technician?
c) I am a veterinarian?

In most jurisdictions to take the VTNE, you must be a graduate of an American or Canadian VMA accredited veterinary technology program, or a program approved by the Board both to take the VTNE and to obtain a credential to work as a veterinary technician. Please use the Board and Agency Directory for contact information.


What is an official transcript?
An official transcript comes directly from the school.  You can request your school to send an official transcript through your registrar’s office. In some cases, the school may provide a transcript to candidates in a sealed envelope which can be forwarded to AAVSB unopened. 

Can I send a copy of my diploma?
No, only official transcripts showing a graduation date are accepted as proof of graduation. 

Where do I have my official transcript sent?
VTNE Program
380 West 22nd Street
Suite 101
Kansas City, MO  64108

Special Accommodations

How do I apply for special accommodations?
In those states for which the AAVSB handles the eligibility review, please email the AAVSB at to request a Special Accommodations application. Completed Special Accommodations application and required supporting documents are to be received and at the AAVSB office by the VTNE online application and documents deadline of the selected examination window.

Taking the Exam

When will I receive my Eligibility Email?
AAVSB must receive and process your VTNE application.  Then, your eligibility to take the VTNE must be confirmed.  Within a week of confirming your eligibility to take the VTNE, you will receive an Eligibility Email.

What is an Eligiblity Email?
After your application and eligibility have been processed, if approved, you will receive an Eligiblity Email from PSI, with further instructions.

Where are the PSI Testing Centers located?
Visit for Testing Center locations.

How do I reschedule my examination appointment?
Your Eligibility Email will have the information on how to reschedule your examination appointment. When rescheduling an exam appointment, the new date must be in the SAME exam window as the previous appointment.

What is your policy on refunds?
The VTNE Candidate Handbook includes information on requesting refunds.  Click here to view the Candidate Handbook.

If I do not make an appointment after I have received my Eligibility Email, will my application just move to the next exam window?
No, if you do not schedule an appointment or if you miss your scheduled appointment you will forfeit your exam fees.  Please see the candidate handbook for more information.

Score Reporting

How do I get my scores?
Prior to leaving the PSI Testing Center, candidates can print a preliminary Pass or Fail on the computer screen. 
An official score report will be posted on your MyAAVSB account when available.

How will I know when my scores are available?
You will be emailed to check your MyAAVSB accounts when the official score reports are ready to be viewed.  This will be approximately 4 weeks after the exam date. 

Can I get my score over the phone?
No, scores cannot be rushed or given over the phone.

Does the state or province I picked on my application get my scores?
Yes, the state you picked on your application will receive your scores after the exam window closes.

How do I get my scores sent to a state or province other than the one I picked on my application?
Complete the online application to request a Score Transfer.  AAVSB will send the scores to your new state or province in the format that the state or province requires.

After I pass, will I ever have to take the VTNE again?
Whether you are required to take the VTNE again during your career as a veterinary technician will depend on your desire to be credentialed in a new or different state or province.  Keep in mind some states and provinces might have a time limit on VTNE scores.


Does AAVSB issue a credential document to me?

How do I get my license or certificate after I pass the VTNE?
You must apply to your state for credentialing.  The state or province you picked on your VTNE application will receive a copy of your exam scores.  Check the Board and Agency Directory for contact information and credentialing requirements for your state or province.

Is there a national license for Veterinary Technicians?
No, each state or province makes its own regulations about Veterinary Technician licensing or registrations.

Where can I find information on the veterinary technology profession?

Information on the Veterinary Technology profession can be found on the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) website and on the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) website.

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