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VTNE Application Latest News

  • Eligible VTNE candidates for the July/2016 VTNE have been sent their ATT eligibility emails (7/1/2016).

  • The VTNE Refund Policy has changed, effective with the July/August 2016 exam application. Be sure to review the new policy here (updated 3/2016).


The Exam

  • No refunds will be made after the VTNE online application/refund deadline for the exam window selected and applications cannot be transferred to a future exam window.  If you do not take the exam in the window for which you applied, you will need to submit a new VTNE online application/fee for a future exam window.
  • The VTNE is a 3 hour exam which consists of 150 multiple-choice operational questions and 20 multiple-choice pilot questions derived from the test specifications.
  • The candidate's score on the VTNE is based on the candidate's responses to 150 operational questions. The additional 20 pilot questions embedded in the test will not count towards the candidate's score, but are used for constructing future examinations.
  • The VTNE candidate fee is $310 (paid in US dollars). This fee includes the "seat fee" for the PSI test locations.



VTNE Application, Document, and Refund Deadlines

(Supporting documents due by deadline)

VTNE Examination Windows VTNE
Online Application, Document, & Refund Deadline
Retake Requests
Documents & VTNE Online Application Deadline *
(only if over 5 attempts)
Deadlines for State/Provincial Credential Application
March 15 -
April 15
February 15 January 1 May be earlier than AAVSB. See the Board and Agency Directory for contact information.
July 15 -
August 15
June 15 May 1
November 15 - December 15 October 15 September 1

** Effective with the July/August 2016 exam application, no refunds will be made after the VTNE online application/refund deadline and eligibility cannot be transferred to a future exam window.

* These states all have more stringent retake requirements: All Canadian provinces, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, Tennessee, and Oklahoma.

Please contact your state or provincial board for more information.


Make sure you apply for the VTNE by the online application deadline, confirm your eligibility process, and check with your state or province for credentialing requirements.

Click here to see who determines VTNE eligibility.

In the link below, select your state/province for instructions to confirm your eligibility to take the VTNE exam.

  • If the AAVSB reviews eligibility, you will be instructed to provide a final transcript by the VTNE application deadline. Click here for transcript requirements.
  • If your state reviews and determines VTNE eligibility, you will be directed to the state website and you will be required to provide additional information to the state by the state deadline. NOTE: Some states/provinces have earlier or different deadlines for eligibility.


Select your state/province for instructions to confirm your eligibility to take the VTNE exam. NOTE: Some states/provinces have earlier or different deadlines for eligibility.

   Click here for eligibility process:

California candidates: If you have graduated from an AVMA accredited veterinary technology program, the AAVSB will review and determine your VTNE eligibility. Please submit your final transcript as directed here.


  • Apply to take the VTNE with AAVSB. You will pay $310, by credit card, when you submit your online application. AAVSB accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
  • The state you select on your VTNE application will automatically receive your official score report
  • Your application is for one exam window only and does not automatically carry over to the next window if you decide not to take the exam. Please refer to the Candidate Handbook regarding Reschedule/Withdrawing to avoid foreiture of fees.


MyAAVSB Account

Please be aware that you will not be able to access your account until your application has been processed. Please allow at least 2 weeks for processing. If, after that time period, you attempt to log-in and encounter problems, please contact:


ATT Letter

  • After your application and eligibility have been processed, if approved, you will receive an Authorization-to-Test (ATT) email from PSI, with further instructions.
  • See updated Candidate Handbook for changes regarding examination appointment and additional fees.


Before you submit your application be sure you have read the updated refund policy in the Candidate Handbook.

Click here for the Nov/Dec 2016 VTNE Online Application.

ATT emails will not be sent before August 15, 2016 for the Nov/Dec 2016 exam.


Click here to cancel/withdraw application.

The AAVSB does not license, certify, or register veterinary technicians.

Click here to check with your state/province for credential information

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