The Online Application

1 Task: Exam information and dates

  • Be sure you read the Candidate Handbook for the entire VTNE policy regarding:
    • refunds
    • withdrawing/cancellations
    • rescheduling
    • test day requirements
    • ID requirements - name changes
    • absences
    • score reporting
  • The VTNE is a 3-hour exam which consists of 170 multiple-choice questions. Your score on the VTNE is based on responses to 150 operational questions. The additional 20 pilot questions embedded in the test will not count towards your score, but are used for constructing future examinations.
  • The application fee is $315 which you’ll pay by credit card in the online application.

VTNE Application, Document, and Refund Deadlines

(Supporting documents due by deadline)
VTNE Administration Windows Online Application Window & Document Deadlines Retake Request Deadlines (for attempts over 5) Deadlines for State/Provincial Credential Application
March 15 - April 15th Dec 15 - Feb 15 January 1 May be earlier than AAVSB if state review eligibility. See the Board and Agency Directory for contact information.
July 15 - August 15 April 17 - June 15 May 1
November 15 - December 15 August 15 - October 15 September 1

2 Task: Submit your official, final transcript to AAVSB

  • Transcript Requirements
  • Please don’t send multiple transcripts as it results in longer processing times.
  • We don’t acknowledge receipt of transcripts. To see if the AAVSB has your transcript, email with your first and last name and name of your school. Ask us to check for you.

3 Task: Apply Using an Alternate Path

  • Submit your VTNE online application by the application deadline.
  • Select the jurisdiction that will review your alternate path for VTNE eligibility. Verify you have met that state or province’s eligibility and application requirements.
  • After your passing score is posted, submit an online veterinary technician score transfer to send your scores to your state or provincial credentialing agency.

4 Task: Submit Your Online Application

  • No refunds will be made after the VTNE online application/refund deadline and eligibility cannot be transferred to a future exam window.
    • You must take the exam during the exam window you apply for or you may forfeit exam fees.
  • You’ll pay $315, by credit card, when you submit your online application. AAVSB accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.