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Look-Up-A-License Launches

  • Date: April 29, 2013
  • Contact: Tricia Sullivan, FARB
  • 847-559-3272
  • Email:
  • Website:


The Federation of Associations of Regulatory Boards (FARB) is pleased to announce the launch of, an online service to provide the public with easy online access to verify the licensure status of a wide range of practitioners and providers.

FARB explores and undertakes initiatives intended to compliment the regulatory community and to protect the public. FARB's newest initiative, Look Up a License, is a universal logo and service that provides a recognizable mechanism to verify licensure status of selected professions.

When you visit, you will see a list of FARB Governing Member professions. A simple click on the Look Up a License magnifying glass will direct you to each professions' association of regulatory boards website that delivers online verification of licensure status. Do you need to Look Up a Chiropractor? Or Social Worker? Please visit to try it today!

FARB believes in the usefulness of to the public. "It is essential that members of the public are provided with a convenient mechanism to verify that practitioners are currently licensed and in good standing. Consumers may not always realize the importance of licensure and the public protection elements involved in providing practitioners with the authority to practice a regulated profession. We look forward to the Look Up a License logo to be the recognized pathway to license verification," said Dale Atkinson, Executive Director of FARB.

FARB is a not for profit organization incorporated in 1974 to promote public protection and provide a forum for information exchange for associations of regulatory boards and their stakeholders with interests in professional regulation. The mission of FARB is to promote excellence in regulation for public protection by providing expertise and innovation from a multi-professional perspective.

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