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Dr. Janet Donlin, AVMA
Dr. Andrew Maccabe, AAVMC


AAVSB Board of Directors


September 28, 2017


AVMA-AAVMC Joint Committee Statement on Telehealth

The AAVSB Board of Directors supports the position statement drafted on July 1, 2017 regarding telehealth from the AVMA-AAVMC Joint Committee. The AAVSB Board of Directors believes that when telehealth is used within the confines of state and provincial regulations, it can provide valuable tools to augment the delivery and availability of high quality veterinary care by veterinarians and veterinary technicians. In our role to provide education to our Member Boards related to regulating veterinary medicine, the AAVSB will continue to provide learning on the use of emerging technologies in telehealth and how these innovations could enhance veterinary care.

The mission of the AAVSB is to support and advance the regulatory process for veterinary medicine. As an integral part of the veterinary regulatory community, the AAVSB intends to draft model regulations to support the appropriate use of telehealth technologies to increase access to veterinary care by the public while ensuring appropriate public and animal protection.

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