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RACE FAQ's for Participants

Click here for the current RACE Standards, effective 9-6-2016.

For Participants

Q: How do I know if a program will be considered as acceptable veterinary continuing education (CE) for re-licensure in my state?

A: States retain their right to refuse, partially or in full, any program that RACE approves as per their particular state regulation(s). We strongly advise participants to check with their state board to verify that a given program is applicable to their re-licensure. Click here to find contact information for all AAVSB-member regulatory agencies.

Q: How many hours of continuing education are required for license renewal?

A: Veterinary continuing education is not standardized among state veterinary boards and each maintains their own requirements. You should check with your state board to verify the number of hours required for your licensure. Click here to find contact information for all AAVSB-member regulatory agencies.

Q: I attended a RACE-approved presentation. How do I obtain my Certificate of Attendance?

A: The Provider is responsible for issuing all participants a completed Certificate of Attendance, which you will provide to your veterinary licensing board upon request and/or at the time of your license renewal. If you were not provided with a Certificate of Attendance, please contact the Provider; a list of all RACE-approved Providers is available on our website. Click here to search for Providers.

Q: I have a concern or complaint about a RACE-approved program or provider. Who do I contact?

A: Please contact us in writing with your specific concerns. You may email us:, or send a fax to 816-931-1604.