Retake the VTNE

1 Task: Understand the retake policy for all VTNE candidates

  • You can only take the exam one time in a single exam window.
  • To retake the VTNE, you need to submit a new VTNE online application and pay the full application fee.
  • It’s your responsibility to confirm eligibility documents have been submitted to the proper office (either the AAVSB or your state/provincial agency) and to be mindful of retake limits. You’ll need to review the website of your state or provincial agency for retake requirements and fees.
  • If an official transcript showing a graduation date has already been sent to the AAVSB, it doesn’t need to be sent again. If your transcript was sent prior to 2010, please email [email protected] to verify the AAVSB still has a record.

2 Task: Know states with lower retake limits

  • These states all have more stringent retake requirements and require prior approval to retake the exam for each attempt beyond 3 attempts:
    • All Canadian provinces
    • Indiana
    • Missouri (retake limit of 4 attempts)
    • Tennessee
  • The state or provincial agency is required to send a VTNE eligibility email to [email protected] by the application deadline.

3 Task: Request approval for over 5 attempts

  • AAVSB will permit candidates to take the VTNE five times. Counting starts with exams taken after January 1, 2006.
  • You must apply to the AAVSB Board of Directors for approval to take the exam for each attempt beyond 5 attempts. Email [email protected] for instructions.
  • Application and documents are due by the earlier posted retake application deadline.