Transcript Requirements

Task: Review Transcript Requirements

All candidates are requested to submit an official, final transcript which will be uploaded to your permanent record. Official transcripts will be stored on a secure AAVSB portal and will be available to a jurisdiction in which you are seeking credentials.

Some jurisdictions review VTNE eligibility themselves and others delegate this authority to the AAVSB.

View the VTNE Services & Eligibility List (PDF) to see who reviews eligibility. Then:

  • If your State or Province reviews VTNE eligibility:
    • Submit transcript to the AAVSB only after it has been updated with your graduation date and degree conferred.
      • This may be after the application/documents deadline.
      • Sending the transcript does not affect scheduling or administration of the VTNE.
  • If the AAVSB reviews VTNE eligibility:
    • It is a requirement that transcripts be received and at the AAVSB office by the posted VTNE online application and documents deadline date.
    • If you will meet the graduation requirements by the deadline, you may go ahead and submit your VTNE online application.
    • The AAVSB cannot acknowledge receipt of a transcript until the VTNE online application is being processed.

Transcript Requirements
  1. All transcripts must come directly from the school or online transcript service used by the school.
    • Not accepted:
      • faxed transcripts
      • student copies
      • copies of diplomas
      • incomplete transcripts
  2. Transcripts must show the graduation date and degree conferred.
  3. Transcripts sent through an online transcript service are accepted directly from the online service only. Email to [email protected]
  4. Transcripts emailed by your school registrar:
    • Must have a professional school signature on the email.
    • Transcripts should be emailed to [email protected]
  5. Mailed transcripts should be sent to the address below.
    • If transcripts have been emailed please do NOT mail an additional copy. It delays processing times.
AAVSB - VTNE Program
12101 W 110th St, Suite 300
Overland Park, KS 66210