Transcript Requirements

Task: Review Transcript Requirements

All candidates are now requested to submit an official, final transcript which will be uploaded to your permanent record. Official transcripts will be stored on a secure AAVSB portal and would be available to a jurisdiction in which you are seeking credentials.

Some jurisdictions review VTNE eligibility themselves and others delegate this authority to the AAVSB.

View the VTNE Services & Eligibility List (PDF) to see who reviews eligibility. Then:

  • If your State or Province reviews VTNE eligibility:
    • Submit transcript to the AAVSB only after it has been updated with your graduation date and degree conferred. This may be after the application/documents deadline. Sending the transcript does not affect scheduling or administration of the VTNE.
  • If the AAVSB reviews VTNE eligibility:
    • It is a requirement that transcripts be received and at the AAVSB office by the posted VTNE online application and documents deadline date.

Transcript Requirements
  1. All transcripts must come directly from the school or online transcript service used by the school.
    • Not accepted: faxed transcripts, student copies, copies of diplomas, or incomplete transcripts.
  2. Transcripts must show the graduation date and degree conferred.
  3. Transcripts sent through an online transcript service are accepted. Email to
  4. Transcripts emailed by your school registrar:
    • Must have a professional school signature on the email. Transcripts should be emailed to
    • If emailed by your registrar or program director, the required transcript pdf file name needs to be: Lastname Firstname Schoolname Campusname
      Example: Grittman Nancy Carrington College California Pomona.pdf
  5. Mailed transcripts should be sent to the address below. If transcripts have been emailed please do NOT mail an additional copy.
VTNE Program
380 W. 22nd Street
Suite 101
Kansas City, MO 64108