RACE® Fees, Standards, and Policies

A program is an educational event where a CE certificate will be rewarded at the end of the event (be this live or anytime). RACE program application fees are calculated based on the total hours of programming you wish for the committee to review. For programs that have multiple sessions from which a participant may select (such as a conference), per-hour fees are calculated on the total number of hours available, NOT the number of hours for any one participant.

Programs are approved for two years from the approval date and may be repeated during the approval period with notice to AAVSB.

Variations in program content and/or number of CE hours are not the same program and must be submitted as new Program Application(s).

RACE Program Fees

Total RACE Program Fee = Administrative Fees + Hourly Segment Fees

RACE Program: Administrative Fees
Current Fees Effective April 15th, 2024
Standard Program application fee $180 USD $170 USD $185 USD $175 USD
Late fee* $360 USD $360 USD $375 USD $375 USD

*Program late fees will apply beginning June 1, 2023 to any application submitted 45 calendar days or less prior to the start of the program.

**During your course application, on the subject area tab, this date will be reflected as the projected offering date.

RACE Program: Hourly Segment Fees
1-24 Hours $20 USD per CE segment submitted
25 to 49 hours $500 USD
50 to 99 hours $750 USD
100 to 249 hours $1,250 USD
250 hours or more $2,750 USD
RACE Program Standards

RACE Policies