The AAVSB® Develops Guidance Document on the Use of Cannabidiol (CBD) on Companion Animals

The AAVSB is pleased to share the AAVSB Guidance Document for CBD Use on Companion Animals as released at the 2021 AAVSB Annual Meeting & Conference.

Because many consumers are utilizing CBD products for their animals or asking Veterinarians about the efficacy and safety of CBD products, the AAVSB’s Regulatory Policy Task Force (RPTF) deemed it prudent to develop the AAVSB Guidance Document for CBD Use on Companion Animals to provide key information and practical guidelines to assist Member Boards. The intent of the guidelines is to act as a resource for licensees and clients to refer to as a basis for the use of CBD products in a defined treatment plan.

After much research, and due to the Federal law prohibition and the inconsistent approaches by the states along with the criminality aspects of the topic, the Task Force elected to present this guidance document rather than to continue to explore proposed amendments to the AAVSB Practice Act Model (PAM). At this time, the Task Force agrees recommended statutory and/or regulatory language is premature and specifically notes that this topic remains fluid and will likely be ripe for model regulatory language in the future.