Marketing & Communications Specialist

The American Association of Veterinary State Boards is a not-for-profit membership organization comprised of 63 Member Boards dedicated to the proper and efficient regulation of veterinary medicine in the interest of public protection. We are committed to supporting and advancing the regulatory process for veterinary medicine and being the source for comprehensive information and services to advance and strengthen veterinary regulation.

The AAVSB culture is one of collaboration. We are creative, and team members specialize in various areas, becoming experts in those areas. We are focused on outcomes instead of outputs. The common thread among us is the striving for excellence through participation and promotion of the Association. Obstacles are steppingstones, not stumbling blocks.

The AAVSB is seeking a Marketing & Communications Specialist who is a skilled marketing professional and an exceptional storyteller, committed to outcomes over outputs, and is a self-motivated problem solver. Enhancing brand visibility and supporting organizational goals are key to the success of the Association’s marketing initiatives. The Marketing & Communications Specialist is responsible for putting marketing strategies into action, creating engaging content across various channels, and managing communication campaigns. The qualified candidate should possess strong marketing and communications acumen, exceptional interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, good judgment, and be an extraordinary collaborator.


-Assist in the development of and executing marketing campaigns for the entire organization, as well as program and service brands.
-Develop engaging content for various channels, including social media, email campaigns, press releases, newsletters, website updates, presentations, and print materials.
-Create and maintain a content calendar to track upcoming and ongoing campaigns and assets across all media channels.
-Build and maintain relationships with media outlets, journalists, and allied organizations to secure coverage and media opportunities.
-Track KPIs and provide regular reports on the effectiveness of marketing initiatives.
-Analyze data to identify trends and insights, making data-driven recommendations for optimization.
-Communicate updates and collaborating on marketing strategies with other departments, ensuring alignment with the AAVSB’s strategic objectives.
-Stay informed about industry trends, developments, and competitor activities to inform existing strategies.

-Understand the mission, values, and strategic objectives of the AAVSB.
-Understand all programs and services offered by the AAVSB and desired outcomes.
-Understand current marketing and communications processes, procedures, and outputs.
-Establish relationships with other managers, product owners, and senior management.

-Execute assigned marketing tasks with precision and creativity, ensuring timely delivery of materials.
-Collaborate with the department manager to evaluate all marketing and communications processes and procedures and suggest improvements.
-Establish relationships with key consultants for marketing and technology to execute marketing strategies appropriately.
-Become familiar with KPIs and analytics tools to assess the impact of marketing efforts, actively seeking areas for improvement and optimization.
-Take ownership and become proficient in department-specific tools, platforms, and software to enhance productivity and streamline daily tasks.

-Implement improvements to marketing and communications processes and procedures.
-Lead the development and execution of at least one major marketing campaign from concept to completion, showcasing the ability to take ownership and deliver impactful results.
-Collaborate effectively with other departments and external partners, fostering strong relationships and ensuring alignment with organizational objectives in all marketing and communication efforts.
-Cultivate and expand the organization's online presence by implementing advanced social media strategies, optimizing content for engagement, and leveraging emerging trends in digital marketing.
-Demonstrate growth in skills, expertise, and leadership to showcase the ability to handle more complex projects.

-Skilled storyteller.
-Committed to achieving optimal outcomes over outputs.
-Think creatively and innovatively.
-Possess strong marketing and communications acumen.
-Exceptional attention to detail to ensure accuracy and quality.
-Effective organization and time management skills to handle multiple tasks and deadlines.
-Capacity to work well in cross-functional teams and collaborate with other departments.
-Focus on achieving measurable results and a commitment to the success of marketing initiatives.
-Demonstrate proficiency in making data-guided decisions.
-Excel in content marketing and copywriting with in-depth knowledge, research skills, and creativity.
-Expertise in emerging and traditional marketing avenues.
-Demonstrate exceptional emotional intelligence.
-Exceptional team player.
-Self-motivated to do your best and consistently perform at a high level.
-Ability to identify challenges and find creative solutions to overcome obstacles.
-Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.
-Demonstrate creativity to develop and implement new and exciting ideas.
-Ability to develop and execute strategic marketing plans aligned with association goals.
-Stay up to date on marketing industry changes and emerging tools, and experiment with ways to improve existing strategies.
-Understanding of brand management and the ability to enhance brand visibility and recognition.

Required: Education in marketing, business administration, or a related field. One to three years of experience in marketing and communications.
Preferred: Association experience. Agency/firm experience. Certified Association Executive (CAE) or other industry-specific certification.

This is a position full-time and non-exempt position. Work is performed under the direction of the Marketing & Communications Manager.
Salary Range: $46,000 - $50,000
The AAVSB is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas. This position may be virtual/remote with the understanding that there may be required company-paid travel to Overland Park, Kansas throughout the year.

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