AAVSB Releases Conclusions of the North American Veterinary Team Delegation Survey

June 26, 2024: The version of the report "AAVSB Veterinary Team Survey: Understanding the Results" released on June 19, 2024 contained a mislabeled chart in the Appendix: All Species Tasks (page 3 of 4). That error has been corrected in this version.

Overland Park, KS (June 19, 2024) – The American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB) is pleased to release its conclusions of its 2023 survey that reached veterinarians and veterinary technicians across North America. The survey was focused on exploring the potential delegation of tasks within veterinary teams under a valid VCPR and explored the potential introduction of a midlevel veterinary practitioner.


After extensive analysis and discussion, the AAVSB Board of Directors has decided against pursuing the creation of a midlevel veterinary practitioner role at this time. The AAVSB will instead concentrate on identifying opportunities to expand the scope of practice for veterinary technicians.


"Our extensive survey revealed that while there is some interest in exploring the concept of a midlevel veterinary practitioner, there are significant concerns regarding implementation, such as training adequacy, regulatory impacts, and timing, especially considering that credentialed veterinary technicians are not being utilized fully at this time," stated Kim Gemeinhardt, DVM, President of the AAVSB. "Our commitment remains to public protection and ensuring accessible, quality veterinary care. The survey data demonstrates that veterinary technicians can and should be utilized more extensively to address gaps in veterinary care, before a midlevel veterinary practitioner can be considered."


The decision reflects the AAVSB's strategic focus on enhancing the veterinary profession by supporting the functional capacities of veterinary technicians. This will involve exploring the possibility of expanding the pre-existing Model Regulations- Scope of Practice for Veterinary Technicians and Veterinary Technologists to detail the scope of veterinary technicians' practice while also maintaining the critical role that veterinarians play in establishing and maintaining a VCPR, diagnosing, prescribing, and performing surgery. The AAVSB plans to engage in thorough research and dialogue to shape this model document that supports this evolution within the field.


"Veterinary technicians play a critical role in animal healthcare, and being more explicit on their capabilities under a veterinarian’s supervision will help us better serve the community while maintaining our standards of care and safety," added Dr. Gemeinhardt. "We are dedicated to exploring how these changes can be implemented responsibly and effectively while preserving the role of the veterinarian."


A white paper was created as a resource for the AAVSB Member Boards. To access the white paper “AAVSB Veterinary Team Survey: Understanding the Results,” please complete this form.


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